R Resources

R studio download here

R Graph Gallery-useful resource for plotting nice figures in R here

Basic Stats and Visualization Tutorial R-Markdown here

PCA and plotting in R. R-Markdown here

ggtreeExtra package write-up here

Coding Resources

Codewars (Improve coding skills by training with others on code challenges) here

replit--online IDE for team coding here bioinformatics tutorials here

Rosalind--helpful for learning bioinformatics and programming here

w3 schools--Helpful info and tutorials on coding websites here

From R to Python--Helpful resources and links compiled to assist in learning Python with R background here


NCBI GenBank-NIH sequence database here

SRA (Sequence Read Archive)- largest publicly available repository of high throughput sequence data here

Animal Genome Size Database- Collection of genome size data curated by T. Ryan Gregory at University of Guelph here

Karyotype Databases- Collections of karyotypes for beetles, Polyneoptera, and amphibians, curated by Heath Blackmon at Texas A&M University here

Tree of Sex Database--Collections of sex chromosomes systems for many animals here

AlphaFold--Protein Structure Database here

Useful Websites and Tools

NCBI BLAST-Online nucleotide/protein sequence identity/alignment here

MAFFT Online-Online sequence alignments for phylogenetics here

Nextstrain- Real-time tracking of pathogen evolution here

NGPhylogeny--Automated workflow of simple phylogenies here

Genetics & Evolution Webtools here

Alliance of Genome Resources Tools and Prototypes here

BioRender--Professional Science Figures here

Useful Programs

R-program here

BAMM (Bayesian Analysis of Macroevolutionary Mixtures) program and documentation here

Simple population genetic simulations- by Heath Blackmon at Texas A&M University here

Brownian motion simulations- By Heath Blackmon at Texas A&M University here

Useful Papers and Articles


"DrosoPhyla: Resources for Drosophilid Phylogeny and Systematics" here

"Drosophila Evolution over Space and Time (DEST): A new population genomics resource" here

"How software in the Life Sciences actually works (and doesn't work)" here

SNPfiltR: an R package for interactive and reproducible SNP filtering here

"Best Online Linux Terminals and Online Bash Editors" here

"Teaching Biology through Statistics: Application of Statistical Methods in Genetics and Zoology Courses" here